Varna, Bulgaria sea port

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Our regular air freight who focus on international and domestic air freight provides high quality transportation service for clients, clients may specify the type of service (door to door, door to airport, airport to airport, airport to door) and the schedule according to their individual needs. We will provide a range of transportation solutions with different speed and cost options to exceed clients' expectation while meeting their requirements.

Featured Services
No limitation on the weight and size of the goods (subject to airplane's capacity)
Same day field delivery
Service agreement guarantee
Rapid, one-stop customs clearance and commodity inspection
Specific transit schedule and related explanation
Tracing & tracking service
Handling special air freight goods (e.g. Garment on Hanger) upon request
Providing pallets, slip sheets and shrink-wrapping upon request
Customs declaration, supervised transit, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and hygiene inspection upon request
Providing packaging, sorting and shuttle service upon requiresone of the most developed economic center and trade port in China, it’s located at the front ofYangtze River Delta, east is close to East China Sea, south is near Hangzhou bay, west meets Jiangsu, Zhejiang two provinces, north Yangtze River enters the seaport, and located in the central part of the coastline north an south China, transportation convenient, center broad. It becomes to our country inbound and outbound traffic junction for these superior geographical position.

C.Y. CONTAINER LINE (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Is branch company of (C.Y. GROUP), it’s the group general headquarter of East China; is mainly business is international cargo transportation and related service. Group has been equipped with branch offices in the domestic various areas.