Columbus,OH, CALLAO shipping agent

货运经验 2021-6-17 14:4:50物流查询

以服务为核心、以口碑为基石的物流企业。十五年专注于国际空派、海派、FBA头程、双清包税专线、专注国际快递;隶属DHL、UPS、FedEX、TNT、EMS、Aramex的一级代理服务商。international carrier China coastal main port to world main port of import and export set class, and customs, inspection, and transport, one-stop service, and international Shang more than 10 home ship company keep business between, and more than ship company keep contracts freight agreement, in Europe to, and Australia, many route Shang, can for customer provides quality, and professional, and shortcut of container international shipping agent service, for customer provides diversification of owner select and elastic of time arrangements.
Ocean export
-Freight sent to the major ports in the world, commissioned book, now equipped with proper accommodation, to provide customers with company booking number.
-We maintained good relations of cooperation with major ship owners, provide competitive tariffs, safeguard the inte

rests of customers.
-Receive small shipments of LCL Service, for customers to save shipping costs.
-Accept the hanger, refrigerated containers, open top containers, tank containers and other special operations.
Purpose-provide DDP,DDU services in Hong Kong, let us service your customers, provide copies of bills of lading to customers in a timely manner to customers for approval.
-To provide customers with information such as the vessel to sail, to sail.